Infographic: Five Relationship Tips for Airlines

In a world in which experience is everything, technology has empowered airlines with almost limitless possibilities to impress customers. But is there a danger the industry is getting ahead of itself? Do airlines really understand passenger expectations? A Boxever study aimed to find out.

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Changing experiences

From paper tickets to facial recognition, technology has transformed the airline experience beyond all recognition. Now the industry is awash with talk of the future - robotics, seamless connectivity and artificial intelligence. But while technology has the potential to redefine customer relationships, it will deliver most meaningfully when built on a foundation of deep customer understanding.

Changing expectations

Boxever polled over 1,000 travellers to gather insight on the latest expectations of airlines - and the results were surprising. Our study reveals a continued reliance on ‘traditional’ values of communication, transparency and trust - but also five critical disconnects between what airlines are delivering (and some of the most recent trends) and what customers really want.

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