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The Real Reason You Have Yet to See the True Value of Personalization

Most marketing clouds still can’t deliver on the promise of personalization. Why? Because silo’d organizations, disconnected data and the reality of personalizing offers and next best actions with separate rules and technology can confuse - or worse - turn off customers. 

Learn how companies are realizing millions in incremental revenue in just a few weeks by:

    • Converting more customers, faster.
    • Increasing sales of products and services based on what and when customers are most likely to buy.
    • Serving up a greater variety of products and better offers, personalized for every customer.
    • Bringing a consistent and contextual customer experience to each channel
    • Lowering the cost of acquisition, growing lifetime value and improving response rates through proven decision-making technology that delivers more revenue with quicker time-to-value than alternatives.

How? We invite you to take a look...

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<<Dear Marketer>>,
Is that the best you can do?

Boxever is examining the the state of personalization today, and the barriers companies face. And we'd love to hear from you. Take our 5-minute survey and get an advanced copy of the results and a chance to win a £100 donation to a charity of your choice.


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